Brandt WTD8384SF

This washer-dryer from Brandt, made in France, can not really be recommended.

Already about 3 years ago, I had to open the beast to change the “courroie” that had fallen off, probably due to too high load.

Today, the coal brushes of the motors were gone. Which in itself is acceptable after about 6 years of heavy duty use. But what is not nice from the Brandt engineering team at all is to have hidden them on the other side of the motor in a way so that you have to unassembled the whole motor to change them. This is a true example of what French call “obsolescence programme”: Make a device so hard to repair that people are likely to not bother and just buy a new one. Can you imagine, just because of two coal brushes that are intended to not last for ever? I am angry with these engineers. This is not eco-friendly at all.

Good video on how to get the motor out and back in is here:

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