Jura Impresa S50

And it happened once again. Just when the milk foam was ready and I wanted to brew the coffee for the nice capuccino… the machine all of a sudden made very dumb noise instead of the usual “burr” of the pump. Something blocks the water circuit, once again. I had changed the pressure reductor of this machine some 3 or 4 years ago already when it had a leak. Happens, it’s that same piece again that broke. This time, it just blocks the water from flowing and the poor pressure pump obviously can’t do much. Actually, it blocked so much that the metal case of the pressure reductor came slightly off… and when I turned on the pump, water fog was spraying all over me.

Ordered a new piece in Switzerland – Jura AEG Bosch Siemens Membranregler 59504 Druckregler Aktion (strato.de) – 7.98Eur plus 1.30 Eur shipping is a very reasonable price for repairing that machine once again.

These Jura coffee machines are really like pets. They need constant care and maintenance.

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